Magna-Tiles vs Picasso Tiles

When it comes to providing kids with open-ended, explorational and even educational play, nothing really beats free-building toys.  If you are a parent of a child who is a bit too young for a Lego set or a hands-on electronics kit, magnetic tiles can be an easier to use option that can let them build … Read more

Best Paleontologist Kits for Kids

With dinosaurs and other ancient creatures stomping around the Earth, the ancient world can be endlessly fascinating for kids.  From electronic toys to coloring books, there is no shortage of paleontology and dinosaur-themed merchandise out there, but few take advantage of a child’s natural curiosity and interest to provide a quality learning experience.  Paleontologist kits … Read more

KiwiCo vs Lovevery: Two Early Childhood Boxes Compared

Early childhood is a critical stage of human development and learning.  Babies are born ready and willing to learn and parents who encourage learning through play can lay a strong foundation for positive cognitive development for the years to come.  KiwiCo and Lovevery are two companies that have developed subscription boxes filled with hands-on learning … Read more

Best Build a Computer Kits for Kids

It’s no secret that most kids love electronics, apps and their computers. After all, what parent hasn’t had those endless nightly struggles over screen time? Rather than fighting, however, parents may be better served by guiding their child’s interest in electronics and thereby helping them develop a variety of STEM skills to better serve them … Read more

The Best 3D Pens for Kids

3D design can be a really cool and interesting way of adding a little STEM to your kids’ learning and use technology to bring your child’s wildest ideas to life.  A safer, more portable and more affordable alternative to 3D printers, 3D pens give kids the ability to draw in three dimensions by letting them … Read more

Guide to 3D Pens for Kids

Since their invention in 2012, 3D pens have captivated adults and kids alike.  The idea of drawing in three dimensions, literally doodling in the air and bringing your wildest ideas to life with the stroke of a pen, is a tempting one.  So tempting, in fact, that 3D pens have since found their way into … Read more

ABCmouse vs Homer Learn and Grow

Age of Learning’s ABCmouse and Homer Learning’s Learn and Grow are two excellent learning apps that have become quite popular for parents of younger kids. Filled with songs, books, videos and games, both apps take kids through a personal learning journey where they can learn to read, do math and explore a variety of other … Read more

Kids Circuit Boards: Hands-on Electronics Fun

If you have a budding electronics wiz, or if your kids just love their gadgets, and you want to harness that passion for learning without adding a lot more screen time a kids circuit board kit might be just what you’re looking for. Gone are the days of the potato clock and crystal radio sets, … Read more

Hands-on Coding for Kids: Coding and Kinesthetic Learning

It’s no secret that today’s society is technology-driven.  Increasingly, parents are concerned that their kids are merely becoming passive consumers of apps and gadgets, with traditional schooling failing to give them the tools necessary to help them master the technology that surrounds them and be better prepared to become leaders of tomorrow’s world.  In response, … Read more