Guide to 3D Pens for Kids

Since their invention in 2012, 3D pens have captivated adults and kids alike.  The idea of drawing in three dimensions, literally doodling in the air and bringing your wildest ideas to life with the stroke of a pen, is a tempting one.  So tempting, in fact, that 3D pens have since found their way into … Read more

ABCmouse vs Homer Learn and Grow

Age of Learning’s ABCmouse and Homer Learning’s Learn and Grow are two excellent learning apps that have become quite popular for parents of younger kids. Filled with songs, books, videos and games, both apps take kids through a personal learning journey where they can learn to read, do math and explore a variety of other … Read more

Hands-on Coding for Kids: Coding and Kinesthetic Learning

It’s no secret that today’s society is technology-driven.  Increasingly, parents are concerned that their kids are merely becoming passive consumers of apps and gadgets, with traditional schooling failing to give them the tools necessary to help them master the technology that surrounds them and be better prepared to become leaders of tomorrow’s world.  In response, … Read more

All About Raspberry Pi for Kids

It’s no secret, our kids are surrounded by gadgets and technology.  Far more comfortable with a tablet and kindle than a notepad and paperback, they consume media and adopt technology at an unprecedented rate. Yet, there’s very little out there teaching them to master that technology, transforming them from consumers to creators. That’s why many … Read more

Ways to Keep Kids Interested in Coding

Like it or not, our children’s world is increasingly interconnected, with new and transformative ideas and technologies constantly reshaping the world we live in. As parents, we’re always concerned with providing our children with the best possible tools for their future.  Teaching kids to code gives them the skills they need to harness and make … Read more

Reader Pens for Dyslexia: Are They Right for Your Child?

Child scanning text with reading pen

These days there are a lot of assistive technologies out there that claim to make reading easier for students with dyslexia. After all, what parent doesn’t want to increase reading independence and instill a love of reading in their children? Reading pens have been marketed to parents as a cool bit of assistive technology for … Read more

4 Great VR Learning Games to Help your Child Explore the World Around Them

Child using VR headset for learning

Experience the fun and excitement of virtual reality in education with these great games Virtual Reality was, for decades, the holy grail of video games and computers. There were movies and books about how fantastic VR learning would be and how it would reshape our world. But when Virtual Reality arrived, well, we found that … Read more