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Covering a wide range of skills and subject areas, and filled with colorful animations, solid instruction and catchy songs and music, Rock N Learn’s videos can make an excellent, effective and enjoyable multimedia supplement to just about any homeschooling curriculum. 

What We Like

Affordable videos
Available on DVD, as a downloadable file, with
Amazon streaming or as audio CDs
Fun, engaging video characters and animations
Memorable, catchy musical content and
Board books, printable worksheets and tests
Available for many different topics, subjects and

But watch out for

Not the most advanced 3D graphics out there

What Is Rock N Learn?

Created all the way back in 1986, Rock N Learn is a series of educational videos and songs for kids that teach a wide range of subjects and topics, such as reading, writing, math, science, test prep and more. 

To do so, the series makes use of a combination of video instruction, catchy songs, music, interactive segments, printable practice, tests and more to convey, review and practice concepts. 

What Ages Or Grades Is Rock N Learn Intended For?

The Rock N Learn series comprises a wide variety of videos that touch on a number of topics.

Covering everything from basic shapes, numbers and letters to reading, writing, test prep, fractions, physical science, decimals and more, generally speaking the series is most suitable for students from about preschool to around 5th grade. 

That said, it is important to note that Rock N Learn is a self-study program and its materials can be used by homeschooling families working outside of a traditional grade progression, such as with advanced students with a strong interest in a particular topic or those in need of focused, remedial help.

In fact, given that the videos are largely divided by skill and topic (rather than grade) and the fact that parents can freely mix and match videos from different grade and age ranges, we feel the series can be particularly helpful to families of kids with jagged learning profiles, i.e. those who are very strong in certain subjects and weaker in others. 

The only real issue that parents might need to be aware of, particularly when it comes to remedial learning, is that significantly older students simply may not engage as much with the song-based learning or cartoon graphics of the videos.

What’s Included In Or Offered By Rock N Learn


As we’ve mentioned, Rock N Learn offers music and video-based instruction across a number of pre-K to 5 subjects and topics. .

Originally available on VHS, today the series is available on a number of digital media options, such as DVDs, downloadable MP4 files, streaming and even audio CDs. 

Although the subject matter obviously varies depending on the volume, say between phonics and life science for example, the series does have some common traits. 

Rock N Learn videos make use of cheery colorful 3D animations, cartoon characters and feature the occasional live-action element or scene. 

They convey facts, information and concepts through a combination of narrations and demonstrations, story-like segments, questions posed to viewers and, of course, catchy musical numbers (the “rock” in Rock N Learn), which are usually songs or karaoke-style music with voice over instruction (such as in the case of the series’ language courses). 

As can be seen from the example above, the style of Rock N Learn videos can be very appealing on the whole, with lots of color, 3D animations and fun, upbeat and memorable jingles that should capture and hold most children’s attention, particularly in subjects that might be difficult or intimidating, such as math, reading, science and so on. 

In addition, the videos are fairly short, usually only about a half hour to an hour long, and are broken up into multiple segments about particular facts or ideas, which make them easy to sit through for kids and a little easier to use when trying to focus on a particular topic or concept. 

One thing parents should keep in mind is that the animation and style of the programs, while certainly fun to look at, are not the most cutting edge out there.

On the whole, they tend to feel similar (in our opinion at least) to a typical YouTube or Netflix children’s animation and, while the company has updated the look and feel of its videos in recent years, children may not be as excited about them as they might be for the latest video games or movies.

Printable & Other Resources

In addition to their instructional videos, many volumes of Rock N Learn also come with printable e-books (and board books for younger ages) that parents and students can use. 

These resources typically include lightly illustrated workbook-style practice exercises and lyrics/read longs that can either be read and looked at (in the case of board books) or printed out (in the case of the e-books) and worked on alongside the video learning. 

For example, Rock N Learn math videos may come with booklets filled with different math problems that are grouped by concept (to go along with the different segments), such as various subtraction drills.

picture of practice printable problems from rock n learn ebook in math

Interestingly, and especially when it comes to the videos intended for upper grades (science, word problems, reading comprehension, etc), Rock N Learn provides access to tests, models, posters, tips and even answer guides that can be used to formalize and deepen the series’ learning a bit more, which can be kind of cool. 

screenshot of rock n learn science test

On the whole, we feel the inclusion of practice exercises can be an excellent addition to the Rock N Learn videos, allowing families to reinforce what they are learning by providing essential written practice and as a method of letting parents make sure that their children are paying attention and absorbing the information they are presented. 

Approach To Teaching

Single subject volumes

Most volumes of Rock N Learn tend to be focused on a single top area or even concept, rather than providing a general overview of a subject. 

Rather than providing a long video series covering entire grade levels in math, for example, there are instead individual videos on basic numeracy, telling time, math with money, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions and decimals and so on. 

Interestingly, there are even various academic skills-oriented videos available, such as reading comprehension, writing strategies and word problems, that can be very broadly useful to as student. 

These volumes are then broken up into different chapters about different topics within a concept, usually with different songs and games associated with them, such as consonant combinations, simple sentences and sight words in phonics instruction and addition to 10 or subtraction to 10 in early math. 

This particular structuring of the Rock N Learn series can offer a lot of benefits to homeschooling families. 

It allows each volume in the series to be relatively short, typically well under an hour and a half in total, and not all that long or overwhelming for kids (and parents) to sit through.

In many cases it also allows for a more focused study, allowing parents greater freedom to really tailor learning around the specific topics a student needs help or is interested in, rather than forcing them to sit through topics they may already know or not need help in. 

On the downside, this all means that families of students who need or want help or instruction across multiple areas may need to pick up several videos or, in some cases, a collection. 

Self-paced, self-study video-based learning

In addition to allowing families to work on specific topics of interest, Rock N Learn is also a self-paced, self-study program. 

Students (or students and parents) can work on any or all of the chapters in a video on their own and in their own time, in many cases being able to practice and review the information presented as needed with relevant printables or board books. 

Consequently, we feel the series can be very useful as a resource for busier homeschools and kids with packed schedules who may not be able to accommodate a more strictly structured, top-down learning method, such as an online course. 

Further, the program can be a great resource for homeschooling families who want to weave the topics covered into a larger, more integrated approach, for example by using the program’s spanish videos as a part of a wider global social studies unit. 

Finally, and especially with the downloadable and physical versions of Rock N Learn, because the programs can be used over and over again over the years with younger siblings, the videos can be more suitable as a resource for larger families compared to subscription-based online platforms.

Fun, engaging animations, catchy songs and music

Finally, in order to convey information such as phonics, math, reading skills, science and more, Rock N Learn makes use of colorful 3D animated characters (who provide clear and straightforward instruction), as well as songs, music and various interactive moments that encourage the viewer to recite things back or answer questions. 

In this way, Rock N Learn can make learning a lot more engaging and enjoyable for students, particularly when it comes to subjects that they may usually have a hard time with or are intimidated by, such as math, foreign languages or science. 

Further, much as we have discussed with programs like Shurley English, the use of catchy music and jingles, which often stick in a child’s (and parent’s) head long after a video has finished, can help strengthen a student’s  understanding of an idea or concept and help them retain information without the need for tons of drill and endless repetition, which can be very helpful. 

That said, it is important to note that the use of music and animation is, of course, a matter of taste and not every student will necessarily be a fan of this method of learning or Rock N Learn’s animated and musical style. 

Certain students, for example, may prefer a more “serious” way of learning, such as by direct instruction, hands-on learning or by lectures and may not learn as well with these videos. 

How It Works

The Rock N Learn series is a pretty straightforward way of learning.

The company offers topically-linked videos across a number of Pre-K – grade 5+ subject areas, including: 

  • Preschool skills
  • Phonics, reading and writing
  • Math
  • Science and Social Studies
  • Test Taking
  • And Languages

Parents and students are free to pick whatever topic or subject they are interested in and each video is available through a number of media formats, including  DVDs, downloadable MP4s and Amazon streaming. 

Once a video begins, students will be introduced to colorful, 3D animated figures who introduce concepts to kids. 

Depending on the video, teaching can be done in an instructional manner much like a traditional teaching video, often seen in the series’ science videos, or (perhaps more frequently) as part of a song or musical number, as is seen in its reading and math programs. 

Each video tends to teach its subject matter in a systematic manner, starting off with the very basics of a concept and progressing slowly to greater complexity. 

For example, Addition and Subtraction Rap starts off with adding 0 or 1 before progressing to sums to 5, sums to 10, subtraction to 5 and to 10, mixed addition and subtraction to 10, sums to 18, subtraction to 18, mixed addition and subtraction to 18 and so on. 

From time to time, certain videos will pause and have students join along by repeating, reading, solving or otherwise answering questions based on the information provided, something that can help keep them engaged and not just zoning out. 

As we mentioned previously, many of the videos also come with printable workbook exercises, board books and other resources that can be used alongside the videos (or after) as practice materials. 

At the upper grades, the series even includes tests, posters, models and more that can be downloaded and administered as part of the learning, with some videos (such as Rock N Learn Physical Science) even building their use into the video itself, helpfully providing post-test tips, step by step answers and solutions and guidance for future learning. 

screenshot from rock n learn video showing step by step solutions for test

Pros and Cons of Rock N Learn



With topical DVDs and downloads available for less than $20, Rock N Learn is a pretty budget friendly way for homeschools to add entertaining and educational multimedia supplemental material to their curricula. 

Available on both physical and digital media

Rock N Learn is available in a number of different media formats, from hard copy DVDs to digital downloads and even streaming, so it can fit most customers’ preferred method of ownership. 

Fun, engaging video and characters

Each Rock N Learn video is filled with colorful, 3D characters who introduce and discuss different topics and concepts in a fun, straightforward and informative manner. 

Memorable and catchy musical content helps with retention

As can probably be inferred by the program’s name, Rock N Learn also incorporates a good deal of music and singing into its videos, which can make important facts, skills and ideas a lot more memorable for kids (and parents). 

Available for wide range of different topics and subjects

From preschool skills to phonics to math to science and even test prep, Rock N Learn videos cover a wide variety of topics and subjects, making them a good resource for students of different ages, needs and interests. 

Easy to sit through

With single DVDs usually under an hour long and divided into easily navigable segments, Rock N Learn materials are approachable, fairly easy for kids to sit through and tend to be fairly easy to work into a homeschool’s lessons. 

Free test and practice resources available 

In addition to their videos, Rock N Learn also provides access to printable worksheets, board books and even free downloadable tests in some cases, which can help students practice their skills and formalize the learning a bit more.


Will increase time spent in front of the screen

At the end of the day, Rock N Learn is a video-based program and will have students spending a little more time in front of the screen each week, which some parents may take issue with. 

Not the most cutting edge graphics around

Although the company has updated the style of their videos in recent years, Rock N Learn’s 3D animations may not be quite as sophisticated and cutting edge as some of the other media some kids may be familiar with. 

Who Is Rock N Learn Ideal For?

Those looking for help in specific topics

With most videos based on specific skills and topics (e.g. phonics, reading comprehension, writing, adding/subtracting, the human body) Rock N Learn can be an easy way to deliver more focused learning in the areas kids need or want to learn about. 

Those looking for effective supplements to an existing curriculum 

While the videos provided by Rock N Learn are not themselves a full curriculum in a particular subject, they can add fun, focused and user-friendly multimedia learning to just about any existing homeschool program. 

Kids who love to learn through video and song

Some kids really do well in their studies when presented with video instruction and highly engaging materials. 

With its fun 3D animations, straightforward explanations and catchy songs, Rock N Learn can be a very effective way of reaching these kids.

Students who are intimidated by or dislike certain subjects

Some subjects, such as math and science, can intimidate students. 

By using friendly characters and catchy songs and interactive exercises, Rock N Learn can make the process of learning difficult material a bit more entertaining and a lot less scary for kids, which in turn can lead to improved engagement and better results. 

Who Is It Not Ideal For

Those looking to reduce screen time

As mentioned, most of the instruction in Rock N Learn is done through their videos.

Although not long and easily broken up into bite-sized segments, it does mean that students will spend at least a little more time in front of the screen when studying. 

Those looking for a full, subject-level curriculum

Although packed full of facts and instruction, Rock N Learn is more of a supplement in our opinion than a full, subject-level curriculum.

Students who aren’t fans of video-based learning

While some students do quite well with video-based, multimedia learning, others may prefer a more traditional, top-down or lecture-based approach and may not engage with the material. 


Note: Prices are correct as of writing, all prices in USD. 

The price of a Rock N Learn video typically depends on the format in which it is purchased (DVD, download, audio CD, streaming).

Generally speaking, however, most of the company’s DVDs can be picked up for around $14.99, their digital downloads for around $11.99, their audio CDs (with printable books) for about $11.99 and rented on Amazon for around $1.99. 

At times and for certain subjects, Rock N Learn may bundle 3 topics together into a larger collection, which tend to go for around $38.99

As always, parents should check for the latest prices for Rock N Learn, as well as keep an eye out for any discounts or offers that might be available. 


Is It Worth The Price?

While Rock N Learn isn’t particularly expensive as an video-based educational series, we still feel that it can provide a lot of value to the right homeschooling families. 

Through its videos, the series provides solid, topically-linked and skill-based Pre-K to grade 5 instruction across a wide number of topics and areas, from phonics and number recognition to physical science and upper elementary math, and does so with fun, 3D animations, colorful characters, straightforward instruction, interactive segments and fun songs and music. 

This use of animation and music to teach not only make things more memorable, but can make otherwise boring or challenging topics come alive for kids, helping create an engaging and entertaining learning environment. 

Finally, Rock N Learn also provides ample access to printable practice and, in some subjects, testing options, which can deepen learning and help ensure that kids better retain the information and skills they are learning about. 

Bottom Line

Covering a wide range of skills and subject areas, and filled with colorful animations, solid instruction and catchy songs and music, Rock N Learn’s videos can make an excellent, effective and enjoyable multimedia supplement to just about any homeschooling curriculum. 

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