Flash Kids Review

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Affordable, well-made, standards-aligned and clearly written, Flash Kids workbooks offer homeschooling families a solid workbook-based foundation for one or multiple K-8 subjects.

What We Like

Very affordable
Simple and easy to use resource
High quality, colorful
Standards-aligned instruction and practice
Good variety of exercise types in each book
Offered in single and multi subject formats

But watch out for

Instruction can be a little short for some
Not too much in the way of assessments

What Is Flash Kids?

Published by Harcourt Family learning, Flash Kids is a series of resource books designed to hone homeschool students’ skills across one or a number of subjects.

To do so, the books provide direct instruction as well as a variety of focused exercises, activities, reviews and practice assessments in a workbook-style format. 

What Ages Or Grades Are Flash Kids Workbooks Intended For?

Flash Kids workbooks are available across the K-8 grade range and are standards aligned for the subjects they cover. 

The books are available for individual subjects and skills, such as math, reading comprehension, writing skills, test prep and more), as well as in larger, multi-subject formats, such as their “complete curriculum” and summer learning books. 

Generally speaking, we found that the books are about on-grade in terms of their instruction, difficulty and challenge, which should make it fairly simple for most homeschooling families, to figure out where to start with the series.

As there is no placement app or individual testing, however, things can be a bit trickier for parents of students who are significantly advanced or behind in their studies, as they may have to flip through the series to find a level that suits their needs.

With that said, as the series includes subject-specific as well as grade comprehensive options across different age ranges, it does make the series ideal for those with jagged learning profiles (students who excel in certain subjects but lag or are on-grade for others), as parents can freely find and select subjects at a grade-level that suits their child’s needs.

Flash Kids Look and Feel

The Flash Kids series is made up of consumable, softcover and full color workbooks that contain ample illustrations, tables, practice questions and examples, which make them kind of fun and a little more interesting to look at than most traditional black and white practice resources.

picture of flash kids workbook showing full color illustrations and design

The pages are also all perforated, which is kind of interesting as it lets them be removed more easily and without the risk of tearing and is good news for those who like to keep things organized and stored over the course of a year. 

As mentioned previously, the series is broadly divided into two kinds of resources.

Flash Kids are offered as single subject or skill workbooks, which are around 100-150 or so pages long and are based on specific, grade-leveled topics of study, such as math, reading skills, writing skills, comprehension, test prep, and so on.

picture showing skill specific book cover available from flash kids series

The series also offers multi subject books, which can be quite hefty at 600+ pages but are otherwise similar in style.

picture of complete curriculum book cover offered by flash kids

These books, such as their complete curriculum, include topics such as social studies and (in the past few years, at least) STEM concepts and are subsequently more comprehensive in scope. 

The books themselves are pretty complete learning solutions for their subject matter, in our opinion.

Each book offers instruction, practice and review for each concept, as well as some practice assessments, and the books tend to be laid out in a pretty logical and easy to use manner, with each topic in a given subject given its own specific unit or section.

This can be very useful in keeping things organized, particularly if parents are approaching learning in a mastery manner (although it can mean a bit of flipping around for those interested in a more spiral approach), and can make things a little easier when it comes to setting up a student’s pacing and schedule of learning. 

In addition, the books are also quite easy to learn from. 

The books’ Instruction is usually clear and to the point and includes various charts, diagrams and readings to help convey information.

picture showing clear and to the point instruction and guidance in flash kids workbooks

The books also offer a good variety of practice for each topic, such as matching, drill, multiple choice, free writing, word searches, short answer and more, which offers ample review and practice without things feeling too repetitive over time, a trap too many workbook-based resources fall into. 

On the whole, we feel that while the books themselves probably aren’t the most ideal as a total, stand alone curriculum for most families – the instruction can be a bit short, there isn’t really much in the way of formal testing or keys/rubrics, and it is mostly workbook-based – but they can be a pretty solid resource that can certainly be built out with other activities and deeper readings. 

One thing parents should note, and which we believe serves as an improvement on previous editions of the series, is that Flash Kids complete curriculum options now include various STEM concepts and exercises, increasing the comprehensiveness of its scope. 

The series also now offers a more detailed introduction, which includes more teaching advice and differentiation ideas than previous editions. 

While perhaps not as deep as a full and separate teacher’s edition, this is certainly welcome and helpful and makes the series a little easier to use and integrate, particularly for new homeschooling families.  

Flash Kids Approach To Learning

Curricular-linked, standards-aligned instruction and practice

Flash Kids workbooks offer both direct instruction and practice for the different subjects and skills they touch on. 

In each unit, students are first given a brief introduction or explanation of a subject, one that aligns with national grade level standards for instruction, and are then presented with various focused questions and activities, as well as review sections and practice tests. 

On the whole, then, the series is a bit more comprehensive as a learning resource compared to many other workbooks out there, especially given the relatively recent addition of specific teaching tips and differentiation ideas at the beginning of each book, covering the complete cycle of learning – i.e. teaching, reinforcement and review.

One thing that parents should be aware of, however, is that the instruction in the series is usually fairly brief.

picture showing how instruction in flash kids can be pretty short

While perhaps useful for reinforcement and review, or even initial learning in an area where students are comfortable, many families may require additional in-depth external readings and resources to really get a handle on some subjects, particularly those that are more complex or challenging for students, such as science and math. .

Ultimately, though, we feel that the series can be a good one for homeschoolers looking for a quick, affordable and easy to use framework or spine to build on in different subjects.

Workbook-style learning

By and large, Flash Kids tends to reinforce learning through a wide variety of workbook-style reading- and writing-based activities and exercises, much like the highly popular Spectrum series and others.

Throughout the course of their learning, and depending on the topic, subject or skill being worked upon, students may end up having to read a passage and answer questions, do some matching exercises, connect words, reorder facts, respond to writing prompts, select from multiple choice answers or even do some fun crosswords or word searches. 

picture showing types of workbook exercises found in flash kids resources

Additionally, Flash Kids workbooks tend to offer a decent variety of exercises as well, which can go a ways in preventing things from getting too boring and can help strengthen learning by testing or challenging students in different ways. 

On the whole, this approach is a relatively traditional form of learning and is something of a tried and true way of introducing, practicing and reviewing new information that should be familiar to most families and, therefore, fairly easy to understand and integrate into their studies. 

With all that said, it is important to note that workbook-style learning may not be to every student or homeschooling family’s taste, particularly for those who prefer more hands-on, alternative or creative learning methods.

It is also important to note that this approach is also not the most multisensory, which can be an issue for students with different learning styles, such as auditory or kinesthetic learners. .

Multi-subject and subject-specific options

Finally, as a series, Flash Kids offers quite a bit of flexibility of learning and practice.

The series includes both subject and skill-specific books, covering various individual areas of study including math, reading, comprehension, writing, vocabulary and more, any of which can be used for more focused and targeted learning.

In addition to these, the series also offers more comprehensive, multi-subject resources, such as a full grade-level curriculum, which touches on core K-8 subjects and which we feel might be a good backbone for a homeschool, and summer studies/activities books, which can act as a good general review and practice resource outside of a traditional year-long schedule. 

How It Works

Being workbook-based, Flash Kids books are pretty simple and straightforward to use. 

As mentioned previously, the books are available in both subject-specific and multisubject formats, so parents can select a book that suits their needs (targeted or general, grade-level learning).

Each book is divided into several units of study. 

For example, Flash Kids Grade 2 Math Skills has seven units, sequentially touching on:

  • Counting and place value
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Money
  • Time
  • Geometry
  • And measurement

Each of these units is made up of different standards-aligned topics for the subject in question for that grade.

In the previous example, for instance, the unit on subtraction would work on skills and knowledge that most schools would target in the second grade, such as: 

  • Differences from 10
  • Differences from 18
  • Subtracting all/zero
  • Order property
  • Fact families
  • Number sequences
  • 2 and 3 digit subtraction
  • And 2 digit subtraction with regrouping
picture showing unit structure of flash kids workbook

Each topic starts off with an introduction of concepts or skills, which serves as the series’ instructional component. 

picture showing instruction located at the beginning of each flash kids topic

These introductions are usually fairly short (at least compared to a textbook) but can include illustrations, readings, examples and/or demonstrations that serve to help explain things a little more clearly. 

Following this, students dive into focused workbook exercises and practice for a concept. 

While it differs depending on the specific book, grade and concept involved, each topic in a unit tends to span a page or two (or a few pages split up into in the case of complex topics or skills), with one or a couple kinds of exercises for students to work with on each page, meaning things are kept pretty short, unintimidating and focused on the whole. 

In some books at the end of each unit there may also be a unit review, which goes over key skills and knowledge introduced in each topic. 

In certain books there can also be reviews and practice tests and most books also come with a full answer key that parents can use, which is always nice to see. 

Pros and Cons of Flash Kids Workbooks



Generally speaking, parents can pick up a Flash Kids workbook that offers a year’s worth of learning in one or more topics for less than $20, which makes it a very affordable homeschool resource.

Simple, easy to use

Flash Kids books are workbook-based well-organized and typically simple to use and are therefore easy to integrate into homeschool learning. 

Well-designed, colorful and high quality

Flash Kids books are full color, illustrated and pretty well made on the whole, with perforated pages allowing for easy storage and organization, making them pretty good value for money.

Standards-aligned instruction and practice

The topical coverage, instruction and practice offered by Flash Kids is standards-aligned and on-grade for the subjects they touch on, making them both effective and relevant for homeschool study.

Available in single or multi subject formats

Flash Kids books are available for specific subjects and in complete curriculum / multi subject formats, giving parents greater flexibility in their use. 


Instruction might be a little short for some

Although usually clear and to the point, Flash Kids instruction is usually fairly short and may require parents to add additional explorations or teachings to give students an more in-depth learning experience. 

No built in testing or assessments

While the series often contains reviews and/or practice tests, the series doesn’t really offer comprehensive tests and scoring sheets for parents to use. 

Who are Flash Kids Books Ideal For?

Those looking for a quick and easy to use homeschooling resource to build on

Flash Kids workbooks are familiar in their layout, topically relevant and well-designed, with instruction, practice and review, making them easy to integrate into homeschooling and a good general framework that can be used to build a solid homeschool program.

Fans of workbook-style learning

Flash Kids offers solid learning and practice that, with lots of different kinds of exercises spread throughout the series, can offer a good deal of value to fans of workbook-style learning.

Those looking for subject-specific or comprehensive standards-aligned learning

With both single and multi subject books available, Flash Kids books can be a good choice for both those looking for more focused learning as well as those looking for a more all-in-one solution. 

Those on a stricter budget

Costing far less than $20 per book, Flash Kids books can be a good choice for homeschooling families with a more limited budget. 

Who Are They Not Ideal For?

Students who dislike workbook style learning

At the end of the day, Flash Kids books are workbooks and follow a traditional workbook-style of learning (brief instruction followed by reading/writing-based exercises).

As a result, they may not be the best choice for those looking for alternative methods of instruction or those looking for more activity-based/mulitsensory learning.

Those looking for an integrated resource with in-depth instruction and testing

Flash Kids tends to keep instruction short and to the point, so they may not be ideal on their own for those looking for longer explorations of concepts. 

Further, they tend not to include formal testing, which may be an issue for those looking for a more complete and traditional homeschool curriculum. 


Note: Prices correct as of writing, all prices in USD.

As we’ve mentioned, Flash Kids workbooks come in a couple different formats, both single and multi subject. 

Sold in a variety of different retailers, prices for the series can differ depending on where you buy them but in general, being softcover books, aren’t too expensive. 

Single subject books can be found for around $9.99 each, while the complete curriculum versions come in at around $12.95 – $13.50 or so.

As always, parents should check for the latest prices, as well as any discounts or offers that might be available. 


Are Flash Kids Workbooks Worth It?

On the whole, we feel that Flash Kids books can represent good value for the right homeschooling families. 

The books themselves are fairly inexpensive and offer clear, standards-aligned and grade-leveled instruction, relevant practice and periodic review for the subjects they touch on, whether that is a single area or a year’s worth of core learning. 

As workbooks, Flash Kids books are also well made, with full color printing, ample illustrations, examples and charts and, with their pre-perforated pages, make it easy to keep work organized.

Finally, the workbooks are also well-structured and clearly written, with easy to follow instructions and a good variety of intuitive workbook-style exercises, making them both easy to use and easy to integrate into just about any homeschool approach

Bottom Line

Affordable, well-made, standards-aligned and clearly written, Flash Kids workbooks offer homeschooling families a solid workbook-based foundation for one or multiple K-8 subjects.

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