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Coding for Kids Classes

In today’s technology-powered society, it’s important that our kids not just be passive consumers of technology, but able to be in control of it. Coding for kids has therefore become an increasingly important topic in education, with tons of online coding classes for kids being offered to parents. Find out which courses we think are most worth your time and money.

Kids Book Clubs

We all want our kids to read more. But let’s face it, sometimes finding them new and exciting books is difficult and time-consuming. Luckily, there are kids book clubs that, with the click of a button, can deliver fresh and fun kids books right to your door every month. In fact, there are so many children’s book of the month clubs out there that it can be hard to find the right one for you, so we took a look to find out which are the best of the best.

Robotics for Kids Kits

Looking very much like a cool toy, programmable STEM robotics kits can teach kids a great deal of STEM without boring them to tears. As kids program these robots to whiz around your living room, they’ll learn concepts in coding, electronics and physics/engineering in a fun way. We took a look and found robot kits that we think will keep your kids learning and engaged.

STEM Subscription Boxes

Monthly science kits for kids can be a pressure-free and fun way to get kids involved in science. Delivering age-appropriate exciting and entertaining experiments and activities to your door every month, its no wonder STEM subscription boxes are increasingly popular with parents and kids of all ages. With so many options and companies out there, we decided to help you find the one that might be right for you.

Online Tutoring

If your child is having a hard time in school, an online tutoring service might be just what they need to help them close key skill gaps and thrive academically. Affordable, flexible and extremely convenient, online tutoring has a lot of benefits over traditional, one-to-one tutoring. With a lot of options out there, we decided to take a look and find the services we think are the most worth your time and money.

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