The Essential Guide to a Secular Homeschool Curriculum

There is a stereotype of homeschooling families, being religious households who eschew public schooling in favor of a more personal, faith-based approach to education. And while that is perhaps true for many, the reality is that this is just a simple stereotype. In fact, there are plenty of homeschooling families who are interested in using … Read more

ABCmouse vs Homer Learn and Grow

Age of Learning’s ABCmouse and Homer Learning’s Learn and Grow are two excellent learning apps that have become quite popular for parents of younger kids. Filled with songs, books, videos and games, both apps take kids through a personal learning journey where they can learn to read, do math and explore a variety of other … Read more

Choosing an Online Homeschool Math Curriculum

In today’s digital world there are a lot of options when it comes to learning math at home. There are math tools, math games, math apps, math enrichment resources and, of course, various online curricula out there for homeschoolers to choose from.  If you are looking at subscribing to an online homeschool math curriculum, there are … Read more

Saxon Math vs Singapore Math

Math Curriculum Showdown –  Two Popular Math Methods, But Which One is Right for You? If you’re a homeschooling parent looking for an effective way to teach math, chances are good you know how important picking the right math curriculum can be.  The right math method has to fit with an overall schooling strategy and … Read more

Beast Academy vs Singapore Math

If your kids seem to have a head for numbers and a talent for math, traditional grade or age appropriate curriculum options may not accommodate their pace, which can result in them becoming bored or even disengaging with the material. As a parent, you may be interested in finding a different, more rigorous curricula that … Read more

IXL vs Khan Academy

Two powerful learning platforms in a K-12 head to head comparison Among the variety of supplementary K-12 learning platforms out there, two very popular options are IXL and Khan Academy.  Although neither of these platforms are really perfect substitutes for structured learning models like a classroom or homeschool, their technology and design have made them … Read more

Affording Homeschool Costs

We all know there are many advantages to homeschooling. A more personalized curriculum, more one-on-one education, a safer environment…the list does go on. But there’s one major problem that can worry parents: cost. Educating a child at home can be an expensive proposition compared to private schooling. How much does homeschooling cost? Is homeschooling expensive? … Read more