MobyMax Vs IXL

MobyMax and IXL are two sophisticated and highly effective online learning platforms that help students hone specific skills and knowledge across a number of subject areas through instruction and focused practice.  Popular in both schools and homeschool settings, both programs can seem similar at first glance and it can sometimes be hard for parents to … Read more

All About Mastery Vs Spiral Math

Math is an incredibly important subject that can lay the foundation for success in many other areas of study. When it comes to homeschooling, picking a math curriculum that fits a student’s needs,  learning style and pace of learning can be critical in helping them become brave and capable learners.  Two of the most popular … Read more

Why Is Math So Hard For Students

If you’re a parent, hearing your child say they hate math, that math is too hard for them or, worse, that they’re simply not good at it can be both heartbreaking and concerning.  After all, as just about every news article these days seems to remind us, math is a hugely important subject and skill … Read more

Essential Guide to Unifix Cubes

Unifix cubes can be a great way of adding a more visual and hands-on learning component to math lessons. Having something to touch and feel can be a great way to help students get their heads around complicated math concepts, and the simple nature of these linking cubes often belies their flexibility and usefulness in … Read more

Magna-Tiles vs Picasso Tiles

When it comes to providing kids with open-ended, explorational and even educational play, nothing really beats free-building toys.  If you are a parent of a child who is a bit too young for a Lego set or a hands-on electronics kit, magnetic tiles can be an easier to use option that can let them build … Read more

Generation Genius Vs Mystery Science

Generation Genius and Mystery Science are two online, video-based science programs that have become quite popular among homeschoolers in recent years.  Both programs offer high-quality, NGSS-aligned and secular science lessons on demand and are fairly affordable, as far as online curricula are concerned.  With that said, Generation Genius and Mystery Science do have significant differences … Read more

Math U See Vs Singapore Math

Sometimes it seems like nothing can instill fear in the hearts of homeschooling families than the prospect of teaching math. Picking a curriculum that suits a student’s learning style, pace of learning and homeschool needs can, however, make things quite a bit easier…often for all involved.  Both Math U See and Singapore Math offer high … Read more

Strip Diagrams: Visualizing Math

What Is A Strip Diagrams In Math? A strip diagram, sometimes known as a bar model, length model or fraction strip, is a kind of visual model used when teaching math in order to demonstrate numerical relationships and help students solve various numbers and problems a little more easily.  A strip diagram is essentially a … Read more

Math U See Vs Saxon Math

For a variety of reasons, such as math-phobia on the part of parents or students, math isn’t always the easiest subject for homeschooling parents to teach.  That said, choosing a curriculum that suits a student’s needs and fits a homeschool’s style can go a long way in making things a lot easier on everyone involved.  … Read more