Guide to 3D Pens for Kids

Since their invention in 2012, 3D pens have captivated adults and kids alike.  The idea of drawing in three dimensions, literally doodling in the air and bringing your wildest ideas to life with the stroke of a pen, is a tempting one.  So tempting, in fact, that 3D pens have since found their way into … Read more

Choosing an Online Homeschool Math Curriculum

In today’s digital world there are a lot of options when it comes to learning math at home. There are math tools, math games, math apps, math enrichment resources and, of course, various online curricula out there for homeschoolers to choose from.  If you are looking at subscribing to an online homeschool math curriculum, there are … Read more

Learn to Master the Web: JavaScript for Kids

If you want to get your kids learning to code and you think they might be ready for a text-based programming language, JavaScript might be an intriguing option worth considering for your kids. Widely used in website development, JavaScript can be also used to create games, web apps, mobile apps and more. It is even … Read more

Get Kids Coding Through Video Game Design

Help kids learn to make their own video games and level up their coding skills It’s no secret that many parents are concerned that their kids are spending too much time playing video games. After all, with budding gamers spending up to 3 hours a day playing games that is a lot of screen time … Read more

Saxon Math vs Singapore Math

Math Curriculum Showdown –  Two Popular Math Methods, But Which One is Right for You? If you’re a homeschooling parent looking for an effective way to teach math, chances are good you know how important picking the right math curriculum can be.  The right math method has to fit with an overall schooling strategy and … Read more

Hands-on Coding for Kids: Coding and Kinesthetic Learning

It’s no secret that today’s society is technology-driven.  Increasingly, parents are concerned that their kids are merely becoming passive consumers of apps and gadgets, with traditional schooling failing to give them the tools necessary to help them master the technology that surrounds them and be better prepared to become leaders of tomorrow’s world.  In response, … Read more

Beast Academy vs Singapore Math

If your kids seem to have a head for numbers and a talent for math, traditional grade or age appropriate curriculum options may not accommodate their pace, which can result in them becoming bored or even disengaging with the material. As a parent, you may be interested in finding a different, more rigorous curricula that … Read more

All About Raspberry Pi for Kids

It’s no secret, our kids are surrounded by gadgets and technology.  Far more comfortable with a tablet and kindle than a notepad and paperback, they consume media and adopt technology at an unprecedented rate. Yet, there’s very little out there teaching them to master that technology, transforming them from consumers to creators. That’s why many … Read more