Math U See Vs Singapore Math

Sometimes it seems like nothing can instill fear in the hearts of homeschooling families than the prospect of teaching math. Picking a curriculum that suits a student’s learning style, pace of learning and homeschool needs can, however, make things quite a bit easier…often for all involved.  Both Math U See and Singapore Math offer high … Read more

Abeka Math Vs Saxon Math

Abeka Math and Saxon Math are two well-known and highly-respected math programs in the homeschool community that have helped tons of families with math instruction over the years. With their back-to-basics, traditional approaches to math, both programs can seem quite similar and so homeschooling parents can have a tough time figuring out which might be … Read more

CTCMath vs Teaching Textbooks

As reluctant as we might be to admit it, not every homeschooling parent has the time to be able to sit with their student and teach math.  Similarly, not every parent feels comfortable enough with their own math skills to tackle a subject as important as math, especially at the upper levels.  For these parents, … Read more

Kids and Coding: Do You Have to be Good at Math to Code?

Do I have to be good at math to code?  Can I really do this? These are questions that many students ask themselves when they first consider learning to code. About 93% of Americans suffer from some form of math anxiety. They worry that their skills and knowledge in math aren’t good enough and/or get … Read more

Hooked on Phonics Learn & Read vs ABCmouse

Among the many early childhood learning programs out there, ABCmouse and Hooked on Phonics Learn & Read are two excellent and very high-quality options.  Filled with interactive games, stories, videos and solid phonics learning, both programs offer kids a personal learning experience that is as entertaining as it is educational.  In fact, homeschooling and enrichment-seeking … Read more

Is Roblox Safe for Kids?

What is Roblox? Robox is a popular and impressive online gaming platform that is designed to allow users to create, play and share each other’s games. Users register with Roblox and can play pretty much any game there, but the real attraction is that Roblox also has a proprietary game development tool called Roblox Studio. … Read more