Horizons Math vs Saxon Math

Horizons Math and Saxon Math are two very popular and well-respected homeschool math programs.  In the years since their initial releases, these programs have helped hundreds of thousands of students become strong and capable math learners.  On the surface, however, both programs seem quite similar and parents often have a hard time deciding which of … Read more

CLE Math Vs Math Mammoth

With math being such a critical, and often challenging, subject to teach, picking a homeschool math program is never an easy choice. Math Mammoth and CLE Math are two comprehensive, highly-respected and popular homeschool math programs that have helped many students develop and hone their math skills over the years.  That said, the two programs … Read more

Math Mammoth Vs BJU Math

Math Mammoth and BJU Math are two very popular, high-quality and respected homeschool math programs that have helped numerous students over the years develop strong foundations in math.  Both programs have their share of passionate advocates online, and as a result it can be hard for some parents to decide which is best for them. … Read more

CodaKid vs Code Kingdoms

Coding is fast becoming one of the most important skills for students to develop, and a program that can teach kids the essentials of coding without boring them to tears can be invaluable as a teaching tool.  CodaKid and Code Kingdoms are two very popular and very effective online platforms that teach kids real coding … Read more

Teaching Textbooks Vs Beast Academy

Teaching math at home can be tough for any parent.  Not every parent has the experience necessary, the time to devote to it or they may simply feel uncomfortable with their own math skills to take on such an important subject area.  A self-study homeschool math curriculum can be an ideal solution for such parents. … Read more

Best Paleontologist Kits for Kids

With dinosaurs and other ancient creatures stomping around the Earth, the ancient world can be endlessly fascinating for kids.  From electronic toys to coloring books, there is no shortage of paleontology and dinosaur-themed merchandise out there, but few take advantage of a child’s natural curiosity and interest to provide a quality learning experience.  Paleontologist kits … Read more

CTCMath vs Teaching Textbooks

As reluctant as we might be to admit it, not every homeschooling parent has the time to be able to sit with their student and teach math.  Similarly, not every parent feels comfortable enough with their own math skills to tackle a subject as important as math, especially at the upper levels.  For these parents, … Read more

Math Mammoth Vs Singapore Math

Picking a math curriculum for your student is an important decision for any homeschool. A good math program not only teaches math in a way that kids can understand it, but explores math at a depth and level of rigor that will prepare students for anything they may wish to study or do with their … Read more

Kids and Coding: Do You Have to be Good at Math to Code?

Do I have to be good at math to code?  Can I really do this? These are questions that many students ask themselves when they first consider learning to code. About 93% of Americans suffer from some form of math anxiety. They worry that their skills and knowledge in math aren’t good enough and/or get … Read more

Best Build a Computer Kits for Kids

It’s no secret that most kids love electronics, apps and their computers. After all, what parent hasn’t had those endless nightly struggles over screen time? Rather than fighting, however, parents may be better served by guiding their child’s interest in electronics and thereby helping them develop a variety of STEM skills to better serve them … Read more