Miacademy Vs Time4Learning

Miacademy and Time4Learning are two popular and respected online learning programs, providing curricula and courses that have helped K-12 homeschooling students thrive and saved parents a good deal of valuable time and effort. Being somewhat similar and covering many of the same courses, it can be hard for some homeschooling parents to decide between these … Read more

Homeschool Writing Curriculum Guide

The importance of teaching a child to write goes well beyond their schoolwork – writing can be a powerful tool for self-expression, communication and critical thinking, as well as an outlet for their creativity.  More than most, homeschooling parents have the opportunity to shape their child’s writing ability and help them develop a lifelong love … Read more

What Is Language Arts In Homeschooling?

What Is Language Arts? Language arts, as the name implies, is the study of language and communication. As a discipline, it encompasses a broad range of topics ranging from reading and writing to speech, linguistics and more, or essentially all the skills and knowledge needed to communicate ideas to others in a society.  In the … Read more

Spelling You See Vs All About Spelling

Spelling isn’t always the easiest subject to teach, and the usual word list and drill methods don’t always help every student reach their full potential.  All About Spelling and Spelling You See are two popular homeschool programs that have helped untold numbers of students become better spellers.  Yet, the programs take very different approaches in … Read more

Spelling Power Vs All About Spelling

Learning to spell can be a frustrating and intimidating experience for homeschooling students and their parents.  Spelling Power and All About Spelling are two very popular and highly respected homeschool spelling curricula whose careful, multisensory and even fun lessons have helped innumerable students become better spellers without all the stress.  Although rooted in the principles … Read more

Essentials in Writing vs Institute for Excellence in Writing

Being able to write, and write well, is a critical skill that homeschooling families often struggle with.  For these families, an easy to use, straightforward and comprehensive English writing curriculum can be invaluable. Essentials in Writing (EIW) and the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s (IEW’s) Structure and Style are two popular, systematic and highly effective … Read more

D’Nealian vs Zaner-Bloser Handwriting

Although typing has become central to modern learning, learning to write legibly and efficiently by hand is still an important skill that students need to master.  The D’Nealian and Zaner-Bloser methods of handwriting are two of the more well-known and popular styles taught to students today.  Both methods have been proven to be quite effective … Read more

All About Reading vs Explode the Code

Learning to read is an important and crucial stage in any child’s life. All About Reading and Explode the Code are two popular and highly-respected reading programs whose proven techniques and lessons have helped tens of thousands of students learn to read over the years.  Being excellent and reputable programs that, on the surface at … Read more

Logic of English Vs All About Reading

Learning to read is an important milestone in any child’s life. With reading being a foundation for further learning, it can also be something of a stressful experience for parents, particularly those new to teaching themselves.  Logic of English and All About Reading are two well-known and respected programs that can make learning to read … Read more

Best Alternatives to Time4Writing To Improve Your Kids Writing

Since its founding in 2008, Time4Writing has helped thousands of elementary, middle and high school students improve their writing through various online courses.  With classes ranging from general grammar to more advanced mechanics to formal essay writing, many parents, unsure about their own ability to objectively evaluate their child’s writing, found great success with Time4Writing.  … Read more