Logic of English Vs All About Reading

Learning to read is an important milestone in any child’s life. With reading being a foundation for further learning, it can also be something of a stressful experience for parents, particularly those new to teaching themselves.  Logic of English and All About Reading are two well-known and respected programs that can make learning to read … Read more

Best Alternatives to Time4Writing To Improve Your Kids Writing

Since its founding in 2008, Time4Writing has helped thousands of elementary, middle and high school students improve their writing through various online courses.  With classes ranging from general grammar to more advanced mechanics to formal essay writing, many parents, unsure about their own ability to objectively evaluate their child’s writing, found great success with Time4Writing.  … Read more

Bookshark vs. Moving Beyond the Page: Which Complete Curriculum Kit is Right for You?

Putting together a complete year’s curriculum can be challenging for homeschooling parents.  Between researching, selecting and buying high quality curricula for every subject (and for each child), creating lesson plans and schedules, gathering all the necessary materials and dealing with all the other time-consuming tasks required to teach a homeschool successfully…well, it can be a … Read more

ABCmouse vs Homer Learn and Grow

Age of Learning’s ABCmouse and Homer Learning’s Learn and Grow are two excellent learning apps that have become quite popular for parents of younger kids. Filled with songs, books, videos and games, both apps take kids through a personal learning journey where they can learn to read, do math and explore a variety of other … Read more

What to Look for in an Reading App for Kids

Finding a reading app that is effective for younger kids doesn’t have to be as daunting and frustrating as it seems, you just need to know what to look for If you’re interested in getting your kids reading early, or have a reluctant or struggling reader, chances are you’ve come across one of the many … Read more

Reader Pens for Dyslexia: Are They Right for Your Child?

Child scanning text with reading pen

These days there are a lot of assistive technologies out there that claim to make reading easier for students with dyslexia. After all, what parent doesn’t want to increase reading independence and instill a love of reading in their children? Reading pens have been marketed to parents as a cool bit of assistive technology for … Read more

How to Decide if a Subscription Book Box is Worth It For Your Kids

From tea enthusiasts to marathon runners, these days there’s a subscription box for everyone and everything. These monthly boxes deliver new products to your door every month, letting you explore and try things you may never have tried otherwise. Wrapped up in nicely decorated boxes, often with gift-wrapping and lots of little surprises inside, it … Read more