What Is Language Arts In Homeschooling?

What Is Language Arts? Language arts, as the name implies, is the study of language and communication. As a discipline, it encompasses a broad range of topics ranging from reading and writing to speech, linguistics and more, or essentially all the skills and knowledge needed to communicate ideas to others in a society.  In the … Read more

Essential Guide to Classical Education and Homeschooling

What Is Classical Education Classical education is a fairly traditional form of instruction that has become somewhat widespread over the years, both in homeschools and in charter and private schools. Rooted in the principles laid out during late antiquity by one of the early developers of the liberal arts, Martianus Capella, the overarching goal of … Read more

The Essential Homeschool History Curriculum Guide

When it comes to learning, many homeschooling families tend to be more concerned with the three Rs (reading, writing and arithmetic) and as a result social studies, history in particular, can fall by the wayside.  Yet,  history can offer homeschooling students a lot more than a list of simple dry facts and dates to memorize.  … Read more

Christian Homeschool Curriculum Guide & Resources

Finding a good Christian homeschool curriculum can be harder than it first seems.  There are a ton of programs out there to choose from, covering any number of practical, pedagogical and theological approaches to teaching, and it can often be hard for parents to find one that fits their particular needs, values and homeschool philosophy.  … Read more

Ultimate Guide To The Charlotte Mason Method

The Charlotte Mason method is quite popular in the homeschool world, with many families using its principles to guide their learning to one degree or another. The method is quite flexible and open-ended, and its principles and suggestions can be applied and implemented in a number of different ways. While this leaves parents with a … Read more

Spelling You See Vs All About Spelling

Spelling isn’t always the easiest subject to teach, and the usual word list and drill methods don’t always help every student reach their full potential.  All About Spelling and Spelling You See are two popular homeschool programs that have helped untold numbers of students become better spellers.  Yet, the programs take very different approaches in … Read more

Spelling Power Vs All About Spelling

Learning to spell can be a frustrating and intimidating experience for homeschooling students and their parents.  Spelling Power and All About Spelling are two very popular and highly respected homeschool spelling curricula whose careful, multisensory and even fun lessons have helped innumerable students become better spellers without all the stress.  Although rooted in the principles … Read more

Essentials in Writing vs Institute for Excellence in Writing

Being able to write, and write well, is a critical skill that homeschooling families often struggle with.  For these families, an easy to use, straightforward and comprehensive English writing curriculum can be invaluable. Essentials in Writing (EIW) and the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s (IEW’s) Structure and Style are two popular, systematic and highly effective … Read more

D’Nealian vs Zaner-Bloser Handwriting

Although typing has become central to modern learning, learning to write legibly and efficiently by hand is still an important skill that students need to master.  The D’Nealian and Zaner-Bloser methods of handwriting are two of the more well-known and popular styles taught to students today.  Both methods have been proven to be quite effective … Read more

What Are Living Books And How Are They Used in Homeschooling?

Living books are perhaps most well known as part of the Charlotte Mason approach, but can be a part of just about any homeschooling philosophy or style.  Compared to a dry textbook, living books can often offer a more engaging, richer and memorable way of approaching subjects, making lessons more effective and enjoyable for both … Read more