The Smarter Learning Guide to the SSAT

child writing in notebook preparing for the SSAT test

If you’re looking to send your child to a private or independent school, chances are you may have been asked to have them take the SSAT test as part of the admissions process. What is the SSAT The SSAT test is a standardized exam used as part of an admissions packet to assess students applying … Read more

And an Apple (iPad) for the Tutor: A Guide to Finding Effective Online Tutoring

A student receiving online tutoring at home on his computer

If you’re a parent of a student with a learning disability and are looking for effective tutoring, you’re probably already aware of the challenges of finding a tutor that’s right for your child. When it comes to tutoring for learning disabilities, you want to find a solution that makes sure your child gets the supportive … Read more

ISEE vs SSAT: Independent School Testing Showdown

If you’re thinking of sending your child to an independent or private school, chances are you’ve heard mention of the SSAT and the ISEE tests. Both are standardized tests that are often required as part of the overall admissions package, but many parents can be left confused when considering ISEE vs SSAT tests, especially when … Read more